Rinjani Trekking Info

Rinjani Trekking Info, Trekking Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok is one of the most beautiful mountains in Indonesia, located on the island of Lombok, which coincides with the villages of Senaru and Sembalun. Comparable to the more famous mountain paths besides that there are 6 paths to get there, but there are three paths that offer special views, namely Sembalun, Senaru, Torean, we can access these 3 paths through any gate because these 3 paths can access each other or can called linking, Rinjani offers adventurous natural scenery. Mount Rinjani.

Rinjani Trekking Info

Rinjani Trekking Info – Mount Rinjani in Lombok is the second highest volcano in Indonesia right after Mount Kerinci in Sumatra and one of the most popular trekking spots in Indonesia. For inexperienced trekkers, the hike will come as a surprise, with uneven terrain and steep inclines. Even experienced hikers have said the hike was challenging. To begin the journey, a 1,500-metre climb across 8 kilometres will be a great warm-up. With little trail maintenance, this makes the walk slippery, steep and hard to grip. Prepare to push yourself to the limit and endure the struggle, as the views from the summit will be worth it. After you have overcome the first day, the second day brings an early start to watch the sunrise. Another 1,000-metre of elevation on a narrow trail is to come, all to reward you with the finish line! Bring your warm clothes as the height brings chilly temperatures, dropping all the way down to freezing. One of the best rewards is being able to swim in Lake Segara Anak, showcasing views across the island as its backdrop. The incredible blue colour of the water will keep you in awe. The lake is a mix of four natural hot springs with a natural waterfall falling into the lake. Stretching out over 11 kilometres and reaching up to 230 metres in depth. Many travellers climb Mount Rinjani purely to experience these “healing waters”. Once you have reached the top and rejoiced, the descent is just as steep and can be quite harsh on your knees and hamstrings.

If you are still convinced and fearless, the next thing to know is that there are two entrances to Rinjani National Park. One from Sembalun and the other from Senaru. Longer hikes will start in one village and take you to the other.

Known Local

Mount Rinjani is a sacred mountain, climbed for religious purposes (meditation) by local people who believe in the spirit of Mount Rinjani. Every year Hindus from the islands of Lombok and Bali climb Mount Rinjani for meditation and prayer. Communities around the foot of Mount Rinjani believe that the healing hot springs near the lake can cure all kinds of ailments.

Rinjani Climbing Route

Mount Rinjani trekking can be done via Sembalun or Senaru villages. The route was established by the Indonesian government and developed with the assistance of the New Zealand Government in 1999 in partnership with The National Park. Based on ecotourism management, Mount Rinjani has received the following International and National Awards:

World Heritage Award sponsored by International Conservation and National Geographic Traveler, June 2004. Innovative Ecotourism Award from the Ministry of Tourism, September 2004. Tourism for Tomorrow Destination Awards Finalist, April 2005.

Trekking Mount Rinjani Via Sembalun

To reach the top of Mount Rinjani is the fastest from Sembalun village and is the most popular route for most of the climbers from around the world for fast or long climbs. Climbing the summit of Mount Rinjani can be done in 2 days – 1 night via Sembalun.

What can be seen in Sembalun?

We recommend taking a half day tour to explore the beautiful Sembalun valley, at the foot of Mount Rinjani before starting your journey. Visitors will find Sembalun village is a hill town, rich in agriculture, unique culture, and traditions. Click here for the Sembalun Panorama Walk.

Lake Segara Anak

The walk up Mount Rinjani will take you past the scenic crater lake Segara Anak (Lake Segara). Formed in 1257, this blue lake is made up of volcanic water with hot thermal pools sitting within it. To reach the lake, you’ll need to join in on one of the many hiking tours up to Mount Rinjani, with an accompanying guide.

Lake Segara sits cradled between the rugged peaks like a refreshing retreat tucked away from the elements. This crescent-shaped lake is set 600 metres below the crater rim of Mount Rinjani.

The hike up to the lake takes about two days and one night, and it will bring you past a diverse range of landscapes; from lush rainforest to rocky terrains and dare dropping cliffs. Waterfalls run directly from Segara Anak, and there are four natural hot springs within the lake. These healing properties are enough to encourage locals to climb up the mountain solely to experience these waters. While high altitude brings colder temperatures, the lake’s water isn’t as cold as expected. The water temperature sits at between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius, which is much higher than the mountain’s average of 14 to 15 degrees. Researchers have found the warmer temperatures are linked to leaks from the magma chamber seeping into the water of Segara Anak. The water is composed of sulphate, potassium, chloride and sodium, which is then thinned by rainwater entering the lake.

Each year, the Balinese visit Segara Anak, which is considered to be a very spiritual place and a ceremony is performed.

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