The Best Service For Climbing Mount Rinjani

The Best Service For Climbing Mount Rinjani

A travel agent or track organizer who sells hiking packages to Mount Rinjani is easy to find on the internet because all travel agents have websites to sell packages online, but to get that sell packages with cheap prices and good service is certainly not easy.

Below are some local travel agents Senaru, Sembalun, and Tetebatu that I know well and sell Rinjani trekking packages at affordable prices and good service by preparing such as shuttle transport, accommodation before climbing, food, and drinks during the ascent, guide, porter, and camping equipment and you can contact either via phone or email.

Best Rinjani Organizer and the Services Offered

Choosing the best Rinjani organizer is essential, it is especially if you are a beginner trekker. Tour and Trekking of this amazing mountain is a most-wanted attraction by tourists.

The length of this mountain is about 25km from it’s gate of national park through Semakin up to the gate in the Subaru Village. The trail is not that hard and that is why; it is also suitable for beginners.

However, it is for sure that every trekker has the different condition, situation, and goals. That is a reason of why you should join a professional Rinjani organizer.

Lombok Hikir Tour and Travel has a variety of different packages that can accommodate the needs of every traveler. Make sure you know the services we provide carefully.

Great Services from Rinjani Organizer

Trusted and professional organizers from Lombok Hiking Tour and Travel Agency will definitely provide the best service for their customers. Here are the types of services we provide for you.

Different Rinjani Trekking Package

First is about the packages. In this case we are talking about the day that you will spend during this tour. Many tourists maybe just be able to stay for a night, where others want to stay for more days.

A profesonal organizer should be able to accommodate all those needs. They have to provide various different packages such as Mount Rinjani Trekking 3 Days 2 Nights, 2 Days 1 Nights, 4 Days 3 Nights etc.

Mount Rinjani Hike in one day is a fairly extreme Trekking program for those who want to experience a night trip on Mount Rinjani without camping or staying overnight. This trip starts from the Senaru entrance gate to the Mount Rinjani crater rim Senaru 2641 m above sea level in one night and one day trip. Actually the package for climbing Mount Rinjani in one day is not so difficult as climbing to the top of Mount Rinjani, but what makes this package extreme is because we start climbing it at night or in the middle of the night

If you join the Rinjani Climber one(1) day, you will see a spectacular view of the sunrise over the top of Mt. Rinjani and beautiful view of Segara Anak lake when you arrive at Senaru Crater at 06.00 am. Valid for experienced trekkers or those in good condition and fit.

Mount Rinjani Hike In One(1) Day To The Mount Rinjani Crater Rim Senaru Overview
Great views of the huge tropical forest and the Gilis.
Stunning view of the RIM Senaru crater over the view of Segara Anak
Spectacular Sunset View of Segara Anak Lake inside the volcanic crater

This extreme Trekking program still suitable for novice trekkers.
A good level of fitness and strong walking is required.
Individuals with mountain sickness or height phobia are not allowed to join this tour.
Tours may depart daily unless weather conditions permit.

The Hiking Mount Rinjani Tour type:
Adventure and leisure combination
Extreme challenge trekking program for professional and strong walks

Mount Rinjani Hike Tour In One(1)Day Pacakage Itinerary:
23.30 Meet and briefing with your guide at Senaru Village
00.00 Start trekking, Senaru Village – Rinjani Crater Rim
06.00 Reach the Edge of Rinjani Crater
08.00 Return to Senaru Village
14.00 Finish the trip – transfer to Senggigi

Net Price $150usd /Person

The Price is includes in the one-day mount rinjani climbing program
• Full Transport Service Pick up and transfer
• one night Accommadtion In Senaru
• Trekking guide and porter Porter
• One small tree
• Food and drink (breakfast-lunch)
• Camping chair+camping table
• Entrance ticket to national park 300IDR/person
• First aid kit Dinner free at Senaru before starting trekking

Price does not include:
• Head lamp / hand torch
• Small bag/day pack
• Trekking shoes
• Trekking jacket
• Airfare
• Additional porter for own luggage ($25/day
• Trousers/trousers
• Tips for guide and porter

Before trekking Mount Rinjani, you should prepare a day pack, as a personal day pack:

Torch or Flashlight
1 pair of champion shoes/great track shoes
Sunscreen/lotion, hat/cap, sunglasses
Muscle spray/balm
Mosquito Repellent
Camera, Handy cam (Manual or Digital)
2/3 extra T-Shirts
Trousers/Track trousers/ windproof
Jacket Windproof
Trekking pole (optional

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